Lemon and Cardamom Fairy Cakes


This recipe is dedicated to Andrea, a serious cardamom addict!

Use a electric beater to mix together 2 large eggs (which will probably weigh about 120g) with the same weight of self-raising flour, golden caster sugar and soft, soft butter plus a teaspoon of baking powder, the zest and juice of a lemon, a tablespoon of yoghurt and the seeds from six cardamom pods.

Bake at 180 degrees for 10 – 20 minutes until nicely golden, then leave to cool.  Don’t worry if they aren’t well risen:  the yoghurt keeps them a little flatter.

Now use the food processor to whizz together 100g soft butter, two teaspoons of yoghurt, the juice of a lemon and 220g icing sugar.

Use a very sharp knife to cut out a circle of sponge.  Pop a tiny tip of a teaspoon of good lemon curd into the bottom of the hole, top with a small spoonful of icing, then halve your circles into butterfly wings and sprinkle with icing sugar.



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