Robineau’s Café


Darlington has so many lovely cafés for a town so small.  This is my second visit this week to Robineau’s Café in Cockerton – lucky girl!

Between the six of us, we’ve had the Salad of Air-dried Ham, Mozzarella & Figs,Pan Fried cutlets of Spring Lamb served with Pesto crushed new Potatoes, Peas and Sauce Vierge, Quiche Lorraine, Feta and Tomato Quiche, a Steakburger, children’s pasta, chips, and everything – absolutely everything – was just perfect.

And we bought some cakes and macaroons to eat at home, as you see.  They also have some delicious plats à emporter, such as fish pie, lasagne and chicken and tarragon cobbler.  It’s not cheap; it’s special.

A friendly, happy, efficient experience in old-fashioned serene-green surroundings.  Dare I say it?  I preferred it to Betty’s!




Locandamarina, Cockburn Street, Edinburgh

DSC_0005[1]We stopped in here today on our way to Waverley Station to pick up a sandwich for the journey.  Mmmmmm.  Roasted peppers, mozzarella and homemade pesto with no mayonnaise in sight.  Possibly the most perfect sandwich in the world.  I’d eaten it before I thought of taking a photo which is a shame in some ways, and in other ways a cause for celebration.

We also bought this tablet (definition:  crumbly fudge) which is the only one I’ve ever bought which comes close to my mum’s.

And of course, seeing the beautiful homemade cakes and the menu, we had to sit down just for a while.  The children had ice-cream milkshakes, amazingly good caramel slice and crispie cake and I had the best coffee I’ve had all week.  Please don’t count up the superlatives – I just can’t help it!

I daren’t even get started on how brilliant the level of service and friendliness were. With so many places to eat in Edinburgh, it would be easy to pass this modest little café by, but do yourself a favour and pop in.  It’s on your way to everywhere you want to go.

Sorry about the quality of these photos:photo (2)photo (3)