Rocket Salad with Rosemary Chicken and Gran Padano


This is a ten minute wonder, inspired by (or rather, totally copied from) my friend, Andrea.

The five minute marinade

You’ll need to chop a few rosemary leaves (we’re talking less than a teaspoonful when chopped) and a small clove of garlic, and rub them into 250g finely sliced chicken breast with the zest of a lemon (don’t use the juice yet – you’ll need it later), a little salt and black pepper and two tablespoons of olive oil.

Leave this to marinate while you drop 100-150g rocket leaves into a bowl and sprinkle through about 30g Gran Padano.  You’ll want about 30g more cheese to add at the end.

Heat up a frying pan to very, very hot, then fry the chicken until just golden (about 5 minutes).  Test your fattest piece to check that it’s cooked through before discarding the oil and tossing the chicken into the salad.

Final flourish

Sprinkle with lemon juice, good olive oil and more cheese.


6 thoughts on “Rocket Salad with Rosemary Chicken and Gran Padano

  1. This is the sort of the thing I’d order in a restaurant – yet it’s never occurred to me to make it at home, when it is so simple. Especially as both my children eat rocket now. Great idea.

    • It’s a landmark moment when the children eat salad. Ours was a long time coming, probably last week at Andrea’s house actually. It’s amazing what a bit of peer pressure and a lot of cheese can achieve! Thanks for the lovely comment.

    • Thank you! The main reason for the website is so that the kids can have nostalgia nights when they’re older, if they want to. My Papa’s Scotch Broth is the stuff of legend, but we’ll never know how he did it! Glad you like the recipe too. My daughter has just turned 12 – maybe she’ll start cooking early like you!

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