Plum and Stem Ginger Pudding with Custard


It’s a bit of a cheat, putting this recipe in, because it is in fact Andrea’s Steamed Ginger Pudding again, only with a couple of sliced plums arranged artistically at the bottom of the bowl.  To compensate, however, I will include a foolproof recipe for homemade custard.

DSC_0013[1] DSC_0036[1]

175g soft butter

175g self-raising flour

175g caster sugar

3 large eggs

a teaspoonful of ground ginger

3-4 tablespoons milk

stem ginger in syrup

150g golden syrup

Put the kettle on to boil and butter a pudding bowl.  A bowl which is purpose built with its own lid is handy here.  I used these ones:

Put the first six ingredients plus four balls of stem ginger into the food processor and whoosh up until smooth.  Add a little more milk if necessary to make it a pourable mixture.

Put the boiling water into a large, lidded saucepan and turn on the heat.

Slice a couple of plums and layer them over the bottom of the basin.  Pour about 50g stem ginger syrup and 150g golden syrup over the plums.  Pour the sponge mixture over the syrups.  Put the buttered lid on top, then pop it into the pan of hot water.  Keep it boiling, but not ferociously and keep the pan lid on.  Keep topping up the hot water; it should more than half fill the pan.

Let it cook for at least two hours.

When you’re ready to serve it, make the custard.

Bring 300ml double cream gently to a simmer with a vanilla pod (cut open along its length).

Meanwhile, whisk 3 egg yolks with a dessertspoon of sugar.

Just as the cream is starting to wrinkle, pour it into the eggs, whisking all the time.  If it looks right, serve immediately; if you want it thicker, pour it back into the pan through a sieve and warm it a bit more, whisking all the time.  This will probably take no longer than 30 seconds.  If you do get a few lumps, pour it into your jug via the sieve again!


11 thoughts on “Plum and Stem Ginger Pudding with Custard

  1. I have book marked this one. Ginger is one of my favourite spices, I take it in tea, eat it as a snack (crystallized form), cook with it and love ginger snaps too. Thanks for stopping by…

    • Think I might even add a teaspoon of ground ginger the next time for extra gingeriness! Let me know how it goes. BTW The lid of the basin popped off towards the end of cooking, but it didn’t seem to matter!

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