Veal Liver with Onions and Marsala

I’ve reblogged this recipe because I didn’t have a decent camera when I first made it. It really is totally delicious!

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I know.  Many people feel about liver the same way as I feel about mayonnaise.  Look away now if you do; there’s no recipe to cure that sort of loathing.

However, if you’re even slightly ambivalent, try this.  It’s delicious, sweet, and very quick to make.

Fry 2 onions in some butter, oil and salt until very soft.  It’s fine if it browns a little.  Take about 4 – 6 thin slices of veal liver (Pittaway’s in Darlington sell it at a decent price, and it’s a great butcher’s); put them on a big plate and sprinkle with paprika, black pepper and some plain flour.  Just sprinkle.  One side is fine.

Wait until your potatoes and green beans are almost done before going beyond the frying onions phase.

Turn the heat up on your onions and add about 6 sage leaves.  Then, shove the onions to one side and…

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3 thoughts on “Veal Liver with Onions and Marsala

  1. Lovely work! Would you be happy to link it in to the current Food on Friday which is about veal? This is the link . I do hope to see you there. Cheers

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