CL’s Quick Chicken Nuggets


CL is now creating quick and delicious mid-week meals as well as beautiful jewellery.  What a woman!

Here’s how:

“Grease the tray.  Take 3 chicken breasts cut into 1″ cubes (approximately), rolled in plain flour, rolled in egg (1 egg mixed), rolled in breadcrumbs (1 white, 1 brown slice whizzed up) with any seasoning you like – I’ve used paprika, pepper, a bit of chilli powder – I’ve used 2 teaspoons of the mix in the breadcrumbs, but really, you can add in what ever you’d like. Thyme, rosemary and pepper will be my next choice.”

Bake in a medium oven (180 degrees) for about half an hour.  Cut the biggest one in half just to check that it is cooked through.



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