Chilli with Avocado

Ah, this takes me back to those student days when Barry and I used to dash to Littlewoods on Northumberland Street in Newcastle to buy a half pound of mince for our Friday night chilli!  Just like us, it’s become bigger and more extravagant since then, but not much.


A large onion

4 cloves garlic

2 green chillis (one to cook, one to garnish)

1lb lean steak mince

A teaspoonful each of paprika, ground cumin and basil

Half a teaspoonful of chilli powder

A tin of chopped tomatoes

A tin of kidney beans, drained and rinsed

An avocado

A fresh lime (well, not a whole one.  Whatever is left over from your G and T will do)


Fry the onion, garlic and one of the chillis in some olive oil and sea salt.  Once softened. add the mince and keep stirring until brown.

Add all of the spices and the basil and cook on a low heat for a further couple of minutes.

Add a tin of tomatoes, then half fill the tin with water and add that too.  Throw in the kidney beans, and pop the lid on.  Simmer for half an hour.  Only add more water if you really need to, and do it sparingly.

When it’s done, serve with basmati rice, and garnish with avocado, a chopped green chilli and a spritz of lime.  If you have any coriander – which we didn’t – sprinkle that over the top.


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