A Heap of Breakfast Pancakes


These are so delicious.  This amount makes about 16 – 20 pancakes.  Pile them high and serve with bacon and maple syrup or strawberries and golden syrup.  You could even drop a few slices of banana onto the B side of the pancake as Side A is cooking.

225 g plain flour

3 level teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon sugar

2 large eggs

30g butter, either very, very soft or melted then cooled

300ml milk

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

more butter (hard this time)


Whizz up all of the ingredients except for the extra butter in the food processor.  Scrape down the edges and whoosh up again, for a good ten seconds or so.  You can leave this for a while or use it straight away.

Put your frying pan on a medium heat and as it warms, cut off a small rectangle of butter and rub all over the bottom of the pan.  Careful!

About a generous tablespoon of the mixture should be enough for each pancake.  You can fit about 4 pancakes into a big frying pan.  But do experiment with the size.  They tend to fluff up more if you make them thicker.

When the first side is full of holes, turn the pancake over.  They normally take less than a minute per side, and sometimes just a few seconds.

Happy, wholesome breakfast!




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