Veal Liver with Onions and Marsala


I know.  Many people feel about liver the same way as I feel about mayonnaise.  Look away now if you do; there’s no recipe to cure that sort of loathing.

However, if you’re even slightly ambivalent, try this.  It’s delicious, sweet, and very quick to make.

Fry 2 onions in some butter, oil and salt until very soft.  It’s fine if it browns a little.  Take about 4 – 6 thin slices of veal liver (Pittaway’s in Darlington sell it at a decent price, and it’s a great butcher’s); put them on a big plate and sprinkle with paprika, black pepper and some plain flour.  Just sprinkle.  One side is fine.

Wait until your potatoes and green beans are almost done before going beyond the frying onions phase.

Turn the heat up on your onions and add about 6 sage leaves.  Then, shove the onions to one side and put the liver into the frying pan.  In the intense heat, it should frazzle instantly.  Keep it in there for a couple of minutes, then turn over and add a sherry glass (yes, every home should have one!) of marsala.  Let it frazzle, then turn down the heat for at least 3 – 4 minutes.  Add extra marsala if the sauce is thickening into nothing.  You can mash your potatoes and drain your green beans in this time, if that’s what you’re serving it with.

Add some teeny knobs of butter (no more than a teaspoon in total) to your marsala sauce, then serve.  There you go.  Done.  A little scattering of sage or parsley might be nice.

Goodbye to all of you who decide to switch off now.  I promise, no more liver for a month or two.

 If your butcher hasn’t cut it as thinly as Mr Pittaway, it might take a little longer.  I’m not fashionable enough to be able to eat liver à point, so these timings pretty much cook it through, unless it’s cut quite thickly.


6 thoughts on “Veal Liver with Onions and Marsala

  1. I’m in the ambivalent camp. Need to find a source of nice liver in Hartlepool. (I wonder what your general ethical stance is on veal?) Mr Joyce would love to add this recipe to his repertoire.

  2. Love this idea…when I do cook liver tends to be lambs and I often pan fry it in my own sweet and sour sauce, served with rice….but this recipe is definitely on my list for the next week or so. Thank you!

    • Thank you! I’m a little squeamish about all the trimming that goes with lamb’s liver, so I usually use veal now. But I like the idea of a sweet and sour sauce. Feel free to pop a link in to your recipe!

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